Is easy money really easy? Is it really money? Is it actually real? And can I get it by doing Vindale Research online surveys?

These questions are probably what brought you here. Simple and plain answers are: yes and no; yes; yes. Continue reading our Vindale Research Review to find out everything you need to know.

Sure, you can make some easy money, but you still have to trade something for it. In this particular case, you trade your opinions and habits for money. Your background and attitudes might be private notions that constitute you as a person, but they are also salt of the market. When doing an online survey, you willingly give away information as a potential consumer, and it’s absolutely fair that you should get something in return.

Of course, not everybody will share your sense of fairness. And that’s what we’ll try to determine when it comes to Vindale.

Vindale IS Legit

You’re absolutely right to harbor suspicion when someone claims they are willing to pay for your mere clicks. The internet is overrun with dishonest websites trying to collect your personal information and sell it to the highest bidder. Even if they don’t sell it, they might charge you for accessing their surveys while failing to deliver their part of the bargain.

Vindale doesn’t seem to be this kind of business. It’s a New York based company that operates for almost a decade and a half now, being one of the oldest businesses in this niche.

This longevity alone as well as numerous users account for their legitimacy. It’s also worth noting that they are accredited with Better Business Bureau under iGain LLC as the umbrella company, and even have an A ratingwhich is enough proof where legitimacy is concerned.

But Don’t Expect to Earn a Yacht

If you haven’t done it already, you need to give up hope of getting rich by doing this (or any other) form of online surveys. Chances are it won’t even qualify for a full-time job. It’s just another way to earn a few extra bucks on the side without much hassle. So, anyone who expects to pay off their mortgage by checking survey bubbles is in for a quick and easy disappointment. After all, that’s what they admit too!

How Does It Work?

Everyone who spent at least an hour doing online surveys will know how wearisome it can get, and how fast. This system isn’t an exception. But there are multiple things you can do to break the monotony. Here’s what Vindale pays you to do, and how much:

  • Between $0.25 and $50 per survey
  • Up to $70 per product or service review
  • $5 per referral
  • $5 for a selfie with your earnings
  • Up to $0.25 per video watched
  • Up to $0.10 per promotional email that you clicked and read

Of course, most surveys will pay a significantly small amount of money. Take this as a rule of thumb: the longer a survey takes and the more specialized it is, the better it pays. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to withdraw funds whenever you want, as the cashout threshold is $50.


  1. It pays in dollars and cents. This is probably the greatest advantage over most of their competitors. You won’t earn points, gift cards or a voucher for a pet shop when you don’t even have a pet. Your balance is displayed in the top right hand corner so you can always access it. After you hit the $50 threshold, you can cash out via Paypal or a check.
  2. Multiple ways to earn. As we noted above, you can monetize different activities. Once you’re tired of clicking or you run out of focus, just shift to watching videos or reading emails.
  3. They won’t extort info you’re not willing to give. You will never be prompted to enter your credit card number or any other kind of sensitive information. All you are required to provide is your basic contact info.
  4. It’s a popular and reliable service. According to SimilarWeb, Vindale got 2.4 million visits from June through November 2018. 61% of all reviewers on TrustPilot claim their experience is excellent, with just 11% of those saying their experience was poor or downright bad.
  5. Daily studies. These are available each day and you can participate up to 10 times per single day.
  6. Signup process is easy. Everything works smoothly and intuitively on their website. When signing up, you can either enter your info manually, or pull it up from Facebook. After that, all you need to do is confirm your subscription and that’s it. The website is mobile friendly, allowing you to earn a little something while commuting or waiting for a friend to show up for dinner.


  1. Takes a lot of time. If you’ve already tried other survey websites, this is hardly new to you. You will always face an introductory set of questions that you need to answer before proceeding to the actual paid survey.
  2. Eligibility issue. This one is tightly connected to the previous. The survey-before-survey is there to determine your eligibility. While it takes some time to get through this stage, it might annoy you to learn that you aren’t even eligible. The explanation is simple: companies just don’t think every opinion is relevant. For example, a company that sells an expensive product won’t be interested in opinions of a person who doesn’t make much money. But there is a way around this: instead of just entering every single survey, you can select the ones where you seem to be the right consumer.
  3. Some users have had negative experience. After they spent significant time on the website, their accounts were shut down, along with their balance. Whereas we can’t really know who exactly was the culprit and why, it’s good to know that not everybody was happy with Vindale. Another type of negative feedback concerns the fact that a survey might become no longer available in the middle of the process, when you’re already halfway through.
  4. They often redirect to other websites. Whereas this is not obligatory, it can be annoying, especially if these other websites welcome you with an entrance fee.
  5. They aren’t global. Even though they work with Paypal, they are limited to the US, UK, Brazil, and Australia. Some options are even more limited: you can only do product reviews and get coupons if you’re based in the US.


This is definitely not a flawless service. But the truth is, perfect online survey websites don’t exist. There is more than enough social proof that this company is not one of gazillions of dirty players on the market, so that’s a good place to start.

So, if you decide to dig in, keep in mind all the pros and cons and don’t enter the process with great expectations. Just like with anything else, patient and well informed people have the best chance to succeed.